Corporate Culture

Corporate Mission: To create a clean world

In the controlled environmental field, to constantly provide the owners with services exceeding expectations.

Construction engineer consulting female architect, construction foreman and construction workers about blueprints.

Corporate Vision

To provide customers with the best solutions for controlled environment system.
To constantly create value for customers and become a controlled environment system integrator with the strongest delivery capability and leading technology in China. the most powerful and leading controlled environment system integrator in China.


Sincere and faithful

1. The company shall treat customers sincerely. Serving our customers is the only value of our existence. To serve our customers with the spirit of "Never say no to owners".
2. Team members shall treat each other with sincerity and honesty. Honesty brings success, and honesty makes simplicity. The meaning of sincerity can be divided into two parts, referring to “truth” for the first part, and “sincerity, frankness and honesty” for the second part.

Three Industrial Engineers Talk with Factory Worker while Using Laptop. They Work at the Heavy Industry Manufacturing Facility.

Be outspoken after consideration

Build up a healthy and harmonious customer relationship.
Build up a simple and pure interpersonal relationship. Admit differences and respect personality.

High responsibility

No complaints and excuses.
We move forward only with the strivers.
All team members shall be responsible for the results with the spirit of "fixed", to "knock it out" for the results.
The most basic responsibility for a corporate is the commercial success. We have to work with rational thinking, scientific decision-making and the data will make decision.



Continuous learning makes continuous progress.


One team with one life for one thing

To be a link in the supply chain for the Fortune 500

Try to do a good job in cleaning and make everyone engaged successful

Have affection and faith with dreams; Be brave to think and take actions with accountability.