Ruichi New Central Kitchen and Aquatic Products Clean Room

Central Kichen Clean Room

Central Kichen

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After more than 20 years of development and accumulation, Ruichi  has formed strong competitiveness in many aspects such as industrial chain advantage construction, resource integration, production management, brand building, marketing, and corporate culture. The strong resource integration ability has realized the industrial layout from the ocean to the dining table for the Rich Group. In 2019, the Reach Group moved to a new production base. TEKMAX undertook the design and construction tasks of the controlled environment production workshops on the first and second floors of the new factory. The project area is nearly 20,000 square meters, and the highest cleanliness level reaches 10,000. The project designs a variety of categories such as central kitchen, deep processing of salmon, deep processing of shellfish, and quick-frozen dumplings. Our company complies with relevant domestic and international specifications and years of experience to provide the owner with an optimized design of plant layout to standardize, specialize, and lean. The modern construction technology presents a high-quality and beautiful production workshop for the owner.