Changbai Mountain Miheral water clean room

gaitubao_Clean room AHU room

Clean room AHU room

gaitubao_Clean room ground

Clean room ground

gaitubao_Clean room installation

Clean room installation

gaitubao_Clean room working slogan

Clean room working slogan

gaitubao_Clean room

Clean room

gaitubao_Tekmax clean room control

Tekmax clean room control

The Yili Changbai Mountain Natural Mineral Water Project is a key investment promotion project in Antu County in 2019, and it is also the first new natural mineral water production base project of Yili Group. The project covers an area of 26.20 hectares. It mainly constructs three parts: water source protection project, water pipeline and water plant, and is equipped with 6 foreign advanced bottling production lines. In this project, TEKMAX undertakes the procurement, installation and commissioning of the clean air-conditioning system, the interior decoration system of the clean workshop, and the ventilation and air-conditioning system. The highest cleanliness of this project reaches Class 10,000. Our construction area is nearly 10,000 square meters. Our company provides clean plant construction services for Yili Group all year round. In this project, TEKMAX continues to high standards, strict requirements, and completes the construction tasks with quality and quantity, providing customers with safe choices and assured services.