Meihua Group Amino Acid Clean Room

Clean Room Corridor

Clean Room Ground

Clean Room Wall and Ceiling

Clean Room Window

TEKMAX Control System

Meihua Group Amino Acid Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary invested and constructed by Meihua Group. It was registered and established in August 2017. It is located in Baicheng Industrial Park. The total area of the project is 2030 acres and the annual processing scale of the project is 3 million tons of corn. The total project investment is 10 billion RMB. The project is the world's leading amino acid manufacturing garden factory with the highest degree of automation, the largest monomer scale, the best technology, and environmental protection facilities in the world. Meihua Group is a leading domestic and world-class biotechnology company focusing on the use of bio-fermentation technology for research and development, production and sales of animal nutritional amino acids, human medical amino acids, and food taste trait optimization products. TEKMAX provides a full set of clean room construction services for multiple production bases of Meihua Group across the country. Our products and services are provided in the core production areas such as fermentation workshops, refining workshops, packaging workshops, and bacteria workshops. The total purification construction area is more than 30,000. Square meters.