Runhui Biological Clean Room

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Runhui Biotechnology (Weihai) Co., Ltd. invested 1 billion RMB to construct, with a planned area of 150,000 square meters. It is an innovative Sino-US joint venture dedicated to the development and production of high-end pharmaceutical products. A biopharmaceutical company with two high-end drug production capabilities: peptide solid-phase synthesis technology and polysaccharide antithrombotic drug production technology. Mainly for the international markets of high-end pharmaceutical products such as Europe and North America, the production workshop is designed and constructed in accordance with the most advanced GMP concept in the world, using a full set of imported equipment, based on high-end and refined, using the world's most advanced SPPS peptide solid-phase synthesis production technology, manufacturing high-tech Bio-polypeptides and bio-polysaccharide products with high content and high added value. The purification workshop project is 3000 square meters, constructed in 2017, and the purification level is D. The project was designed by a professional design institute and then optimized by TEKMAX. The construction was completed and delivered under the extreme climate of the central coastal city, and it is running well.