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(1)Lightweight and high strength. Because the section of the door and window frame is a hollow thin-wall composite section, this section is convenient to use and reduces the quality of the aluminum alloy profile due to the hollow. The aluminum alloy doors and windows are about 50% lighter than the steel doors and windows. In the case of larger section size and lighter weight, the section has higher bending rigidity.

(2)Good sealing performance. Airtightness is an important performance index of doors and windows. Aluminum alloy doors and windows have good air tightness, water tightness and sound insulation performance.

(3)The deformation is small during use. One is because the profile itself has good rigidity, and the other is because the cold connection is used in the production process. Screws, bolts or aluminum nails are used for the installation of the horizontal and vertical rods and the hardware accessories. The frame and fan rods are connected as a whole through angle aluminum or other types of connectors. Compared with the electric welding connection of steel doors and windows, this kind of cold connection can avoid the deformation caused by uneven heating during the welding process, thereby ensuring the production accuracy.

(4) The facade is beautiful. The first is the beautiful appearance and the large area of ​​doors and windows, which makes the facade of the building simple and bright, and increases the contrast between the virtual and the reality, which is rich in layering. The second is the beautiful color. Bronze, bronze, yellow and black tones or colored patterns, gorgeous and elegant appearance, no need to paint or repair the surface.

(5) Corrosion resistance, easy to use and maintain. Aluminum alloy doors and windows do not need to be painted, do not fade, do not fall off, and the surface does not need to be repaired. Aluminum alloy doors and windows have high strength, good rigidity, sturdiness and durability, light and flexible opening and closing, and no noise.

(6) The construction speed is fast. The on-site installation of aluminum alloy doors and windows requires less work and the construction speed is fast.

(7) High use value. In architectural decoration projects, especially for high-rise buildings and high-end decoration projects, if comprehensively weighed in terms of decoration effect, air-conditioning operation and long-term maintenance, the use value of aluminum alloy doors and windows is better than other types of doors and windows.

(8) It is convenient for industrialized production. The aluminum alloy door and window frame material processing, the production of supporting parts and seals, and the door and window assembly test, etc., can be mass-produced in the factory, which is conducive to the realization of the standardization of door and window design, product serialization and common parts, as well as doors and windows. Product commercialization.

Aluminum alloy doors and windows are suitable for door and window projects of hotels, halls, gymnasiums, theaters, libraries, scientific research buildings, office buildings, electronic computer rooms, and civil residences that require airtightness, heat preservation, and sound insulation.

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