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The clean room above the hundredth level requires the indoor air flow to be vertical, so a raised floor with holes must be used.

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The air purification project is divided into turbulent flow clean room and laminar flow clean room according to the principle; according to the application, it is divided into industrial purification project and biological purification project; the air purification process is a complete system, which is explained in the clean plant design and acceptance specifications. It roughly includes the clean room building decoration system, purification air conditioning system, water system, electrical system, air system, etc., to control the temperature, humidity, illumination, cleanliness, and electrostatic phenomena in the clean room to meet specific process requirements.
Because the clean room above the hundredth level requires the indoor air flow to be vertical, it is necessary to use a raised floor with holes. The function of the raised floor is to vertically guide the air processed by the high efficiency filter on the top of the clean room into the return air duct under the floor, thereby forming a vertical air flow in the clean room.
Raised floor is also called dissipative electrostatic floor. Raised floor is mainly assembled by a combination of adjustable brackets, beams and panels. Elevated electric floors are generally classified according to different base materials and veneer materials. Scope of application: host rooms with large servers and cabinets; large, medium and small computer rooms, communication center computer rooms represented by switches, various electrical control computer rooms, post and telecommunications hubs, and computer-controlled military, economic, national security, Aviation, aerospace and traffic command and dispatch and information management center and other links.

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