Color steel panel air shower room

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The advantages and structural features of the color steel plate air shower room.

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Most of the color steel plate air shower room is assembled by foam insulation sandwich color steel plate and aluminum alloy components. It is equipped with centrifugal fan and primary effect and high efficiency air filter. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, compact structure, convenient maintenance and simple operation .

Structural features of the air shower room:
1. The internal air duct is specially designed to ensure the high-strength wind speed at the air outlet.
2. It adopts fully automatic control operation, double-door electronic interlocking, infrared induction automatic blowing and showering, and the two doors are locked when blowing.
3. The cold plate spray series adopts multi-layer pickling technology, electrostatic dust-free spray treatment or all stainless steel.
4. Doors, door frames, handles, and air shower nozzles made of stainless steel rotate 360 degrees.
5. Adopt a color seven-inch LCD touch screen display, the air shower time is adjustable, and the air shower time is displayed.
6. The sterilization function can be automatically activated after 8 hours without using the air shower function; the high-efficiency filter will be replaced after a certain period of use.

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