Ducted fresh air system

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The ducted fresh air system is composed of fresh air blowers and pipe fittings. The fresh air purifies the outdoor air into the room and exhausts the indoor air through the pipe.

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In clean rooms for microelectronics and pharmaceutical production, various acidic and alkaline substances, organic solvents, general gases, and special gases are often used or generated in the production process; in allergenic drugs, certain steroids In the production process of organic drugs, highly active and toxic drugs, corresponding harmful substances will be discharged or leaked into the clean room. Therefore, the production process equipment or procedures that may emit various harmful substances, gases or dusts in the clean room for the production of the above products Set up local exhaust device or full room exhaust device. According to the type of waste gas discharged during the production process, the exhaust device (system) can be roughly divided into the following types.

(1) General exhaust system

(2) Organic gas exhaust system

(3) Acid gas exhaust system

(4) Alkaline gas exhaust system

(5) Hot gas exhaust system

(6) Exhaust system containing dust

(7) Special gas exhaust system

(8) Harmful and toxic exhaust system in drug production

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