Commonly Used Testing Instruments For Clean Room

1. Illuminance tester: The principle of the commonly used portable illuminometer is to use photosensitive elements as the probe, which generates current when there is a light. The stronger the light, the greater the current, and the illuminance can be measured when the current is measured.
2. Noise tester: The principle of the noise tester is to use a condenser microphone to turn the sound energy into electrical energy, and then through a serious process of the amplifier, detector, and finally get the sound pressure.

3. Humidity tester: According to the principle, a humidity tester can be divided into dry and wet bulb thermometers, hair thermometers, electric thermometers, etc.
4. Air volume tester: The air duct method is commonly used to test the total air volume in a cleanroom. Tuyere method is commonly used to test the air volume sent back to each room. The principle is the average wind speed multiplied by the cross-sectional area.
5. Temperature tester: Commonly known as the thermometer, according to its principle of action can be divided into expansion thermometer, pressure thermometer, thermocouple thermometer, and resistance thermometer.
a. Expansion thermometer: Divided into solid expansion type thermometer and liquid expansion type thermometer.
b. Pressure thermometer: This can be divided into inflatable pressure type thermometer and steam pressure type thermometer.
c. Thermocouple thermometer: This is made according to the principle of the thermoelectric effect, when the temperature of two different metal nodes is different then there will have electromotive force. Such as according to a known temperature and measured electromotive force of one point then we can calculate the temperature of another point.
d. Resistance thermometer: Based on the resistance of certain metals and its alloy or semiconductor will change with temperature, the temperature will be measured by accurately measuring the resistance.
The advantages of resistance thermometers are: high accuracy and sensitivity, fast response; wide temperature measuring range; no need for cold junction compensation; can be used for long-distance temperature measurement.
a.Dust particle detection instrument: At present, the detection of cleanroom cleanliness mainly uses a light scattering dust particle counter, which is divided into white light dust particle counter and laser dust particle counter.
b.Biological particle detection instrument: At present, the detection methods mainly adopt the culture medium method and the filter membrane method.
The equipment used is divided into planktonic bacteria sampler and sedimentation bacteria sampler.

Post time: Jan-04-2022