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The chilled water system is mainly a closed system composed of the evaporator heat exchange tube of the refrigeration unit, the chilled water circulating pump, the water separator, the water collector, the expansion tank, the make-up pump, the water treatment device and the corresponding valves and pipelines.

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  1. In the design of the water supply system in the clean workshop, direct, circulating or reusable water supply systems should be set up in accordance with the requirements of water quality, water fertility, water pressure and water volume for production, life and fire protection. High-purity water system should be equipped with circulating pipes.

2. The selection of pipe materials should meet the following requirements:

1) Pure water pipes and high-purity water pipes should be made of hard polyvinyl chloride pipes, polypropylene pipes or stainless steel pipes;

2) Galvanized steel pipes should be used for cooling circulating water supply and return pipes;

3) High-quality hoses should be used for the connection of production water equipment and pipelines;

4) Corresponding materials should be used for pipe fittings.

3.Boiling water supply facilities can be installed in the clean workshop; the wash basin in the bathroom should supply hot water; the softened water and pure water pipes should be adapted to the reserved cleaning ports, and the pure water terminal purification device should be placed near the water point.

4.Sprinkler facilities should be installed around the clean workshop.

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