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The clean room cooling water system should be composed of cooling water pumps, cooling water pipes, and cooling water towers.

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Process cooling water system composition and working principle


  The process cooling water system consists of the following parts: chillers, pumps, heat exchangers, water tanks, filters, and process equipment.

   Water chiller: Provide cold source for cooling water system.

  Water pump: pressurize the water to ensure its circulation in the cooling system.

   Heat exchanger: Use this equipment to exchange heat between the chilled water system and the chilled water system to transfer the heat generated at the load end of the system to the chilled water system. There are many types of heat exchangers, which can be divided into shell-and-tube type, plate type, plate-fin type, heat pipe type, etc. according to their form. In comparison, the plate heat exchanger has the advantages of a small footprint and a large heat transfer area. Considering the cost characteristics of the space and area of ​​the semiconductor plant, equipment with a small footprint is preferred to save land area and engineering cost.


  Water tank: The water tank in the open system mainly plays the role of supplementing water source. The water tank in the closed system needs to choose an expansion water tank. The expansion water tank has three functions. One is to contain and compensate the expansion and contraction of the water in the system; the other is to provide a stable pressure to the closed circulating water system and play a role in system stabilization; The third is as an indication of the system water pump, usually the expansion tank sends a signal to start or shut down the system water pump.


   filter: filter out the solid particleThere are two relatively independent systems in the process cooling water system, chilled water and cooling water. The chilled water is provided by the chiller, and the chilled water and the cooling water exchange heat to cool the cooling water and reduce the temperature of the equipment. The water is pumped from the production equipment through the water pump to the heat exchanger to ensure the temperature of the process cooling water by controlling the amount of chilled water, and then sent to the production line equipment after passing the filter, and then back to the water pump. The formation process cooling water repeatedly circulates. The chilled water is directly returned to the chiller.

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