Explosion-proof purification lamp

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The explosion-proof LED purification lamp has a long life, high luminous efficiency, strong waterproof and dustproof capabilities, and also has good explosion-proof performance.

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Explosion-proof performance of explosion-proof LED purification lamp in pharmaceutical factory:

1. The shell is formed by bending steel plate, and the surface is high-voltage electrostatic spraying;

2. Adopt an integral sealing structure, with strong waterproof and dustproof ability;

3. Built-in ballast with encapsulated structure, with good explosion-proof performance;

4. Gushing fluorescent tube, long life and high light efficiency;

5. The fluorescent lamp with emergency device will automatically switch to the emergency lighting state when the power supply line loses power;

6. There is a specially designed overcharge and overdischarge protection circuit in the emergency device;

7. Steel pipe or cable wiring.

◇Compliant with standards: GB3836.1, GB3836.2, GB3836.3, GB3836.9, GB12476.1, IEC60079-0, IEC60079-1

IEC60079-7, IEC60079-18, IEC61241-1-1, EN60079-0, EN60079-1, EN60079-7,, EN60079-18, EN61241-1-1

◇Explosion-proof mark: ExedmbIICT4Gb, DIPA21TA, T6

◇Rated voltage: AC220V

◇Protection level: IP65, IP67

◇Anti-corrosion grade: WF2

◇Inlet specification: 2-m25×1.5

All electrical appliances inside the explosion-proof purification lamp are treated with explosion-proof treatment, which can prevent the flammable gas or dust in the surrounding environment caused by arcs, sparks or high temperatures that may be generated inside, and has the effect of electrical explosion-proof.

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