Electrical systems appear in all aspects of our lives

  Electrical systems appear in all aspects of our lives,such as :embedded purification lamp,ceiling purification lamp,explosion-proof purification lamp,stainless steel germicidal lamp,aluminum alloy induction lamp and so on……Here, we will briefly explain:

What are the installation methods of embedded purification lamps?

1. Open a round hole in the ceiling installation place, and open a hole in the place where the embedded ceiling lamp needs to be installed, which is convenient for the installation of the ceiling. Determine the position of the ceiling lamp, and the size of the hole corresponds to the area of the ceiling.

2. When installing, first install the mounting clips on the lamps on both sides, and install the clips on both sides of the lamps and install the lamps in the square or round holes.
3. Connect the power cord. Cover the wiring cover and tighten it with screws. The number of bolts for fixing the lamp holder should not be less than the number of fixing holes on the base of the lamp, and the diameter of the bolts should match the hole diameter; lamps without fixed mounting holes on the base (drill the holes during installation), There should be no less than 3 bolts or screws for fixing each lamp, and the center of gravity of the lamp should be consistent with the center of gravity of the bolts or screws.
4. Put the lamp and fix it. Double-retract and hold the circlips on both sides of the lamp and put them into the ceiling openings, and the inner circlips against the ceiling, press and hold the mask with your hands and push it up and tighten it.



Explosion-proof energy-saving lamps refer to explosion-proof lamps used to install energy-saving light sources. Therefore, we usually call explosion-proof energy-saving lamps as explosion-proof lamps for energy-saving lamps and explosion-proof lamps with energy-saving light sources.

Due to the development of the market, the energy-saving trend has become more and more intense, and more and more energy-saving lamps are used. Therefore, energy-saving lamps are used in some chemical plants, oil exploration, oil refining, petrochemical plants, pharmaceuticals, offshore, mines, tunnels, etc. The lamps sealed with explosion-proof lamps for external use are called explosion-proof energy-saving lamps.

Explosion-proof energy-saving lamp characteristics:

1. The explosion-proof lamp is composed of a shell, a tempered glass cover, a protective net, etc.;

2. The shell is formed by ZL102 cast aluminum die-casting, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed with powder. It has the characteristics of light structure, high strength, and beautiful appearance;

3. The internal wires are wirelessly connected to ensure that the product can be in good contact under any circumstances;

4. Multiple heat sinks are designed inside and outside the explosion-proof lamp, which greatly enhances the heat dissipation function of the product while ensuring the unique shape, greatly improving the life of the product, and the temperature level is T4;

5. All the explosion-proof surfaces adopt threaded explosion-proof and increase the sealing structure, so that the product meets the explosion-proof performance while greatly improving the waterproof and dustproof function, and the protection level is as high as IP55;

6. ​​The explosion-proof lamp is designed as one-piece (built-in ballast, trigger, capacitor compensator), with strong light efficiency (up to 95% power factor), convenient use and maintenance, etc.;

7. E40 lamp holder is installed inside, which can be equipped with high-pressure mercury lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp bulbs respectively. There are boom-type and ceiling-mounted installation methods;

8. The wire enters the wiring cavity through the lead-in device, and there are grounding screws inside and outside the shell, steel pipe or cable wiring can be used.

Post time: Jul-30-2021