Types Of The Cleanroom Floor

There are the following types of floors commonly used in cleanroom engineering:


1. Epoxy resin anti-static self-leveling floor
Construction technology of epoxy resin anti-static self-leveling floor:
(1) Substrate treatment: polishing and cleaning the ground, requiring the substrate to be dry and free of hollow drums;
(2) Bottom coating: conductive bottom coating;
(3) Laying copper foil: laying horizontally and vertically;
(4) Medium coating: medium coating according to the thickness of the ground;
(5) Surface coating:
Applicable places for epoxy resin anti-static self-leveling floor: suitable for communication equipment manufacturers, chip dust-free manufacturers, STM dust-free workshops, optical instrument dust-free workshops, laboratories, and other clean workshops with high anti-static requirements.

2. Epoxy resin self-leveling ground flow
The construction process of epoxy resin self-leveling ground flow:
(1) Polish the ground, clean and absorption;
(2) Apply closed bottom coating;
(3) Medium coating;
(4) Polishing and absorption;
(5) Self-leveling plane.
Applicable places for epoxy resin self-leveling ground flow: electronics factories, electrical appliances factories, food factories, cosmetics factories, packaging factories, textile factories, garment factories, etc.

3. Raised floor
Construction technology of raised floor:
(1) Mark a line on the clean ground;
(2) Assembly of support beams;
(3) Adjust the horizontal of the beam and tighten the screws;
(4) Laying raised floor;
(5) Clean the floor surface after construction.
Applicable places for raised floors: electronics factories, semiconductor factories, optoelectronics industry, electromechanical rooms, constant temperature and constant room laboratories, 100-level purification projects, etc.
4. Pvc floor
Construction process of PVC floor:
(1) Clean up the ground, and locate and lay the baseline;
(2) Laying the grounded inverted net (copper foil) and painting the conductive glue;
(3) Paving and pasting PVC floor, rolling PVC floor;
(4) Open 4mm static grounding.
Applicable places of PVC floor: electronics factory, semiconductor factory, optoelectronic industry, packaging products, electromechanical room, automobile industry, etc.


Post time: Sep-29-2021