Aluminum alloy induction lamp

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The clean room should be reasonably arranged with fire emergency lighting, safety exits and induction lights.

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The route of the indoor mobile personnel in the clean workshop is relatively complicated, and the passages for entry and exit are circuitous. In the event of an accident, it is convenient for the staff to evacuate, and the fire can be put out in time. Fire emergency lighting, safety exits and induction lights should be arranged reasonably for the staff to recognize Direction of traffic, quickly evacuate the scene of the accident.

The characteristics of the aluminum alloy induction lamp in the clean room:
1. Imported high-brightness LEDs are used, which is particularly power-saving, and the entire lamp consumes only 2W;
2. The use of high-quality nickel-cadmium batteries, with large battery capacity and long emergency time, can be continuously charged and discharged for 500-1000 times, and has a longer life;
3. Integrated circuit control, with complete over-charge and over-discharge protection circuits to extend battery life;
4. Adopting switching power supply circuit design, stable performance, and the product can be applied to a loose voltage environment;
5. The aluminum alloy surface is deeply sandy white, beautiful and fashionable;
6. Lamps that cannot complete the emergency function or the lamp discharge time is not enough will automatically alarm.
7. Installation method: hoisting, wall hanging

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