Laminar flow pass window

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The laminar flow transfer window is mainly used in the biological clean area as the delivery of goods. 

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The laminar flow transfer window is mainly used in the biological clean area as the delivery of goods. The main applications are: biopharmaceuticals, scientific research units, disease control centers, large hospitals, university scientific research, biological cleanliness and various clean areas for applications.

Performance requirements of laminar flow transfer window:
1. Cleanliness requirements in the laminar flow transfer window: Class B;
2. The inner and outer double-layer shells are treated with arcs around the inside to ensure seamless connection;
3. The laminar flow design is adopted, and the air flow direction adopts the mode of upper delivery and lower return, and the bottom is designed with 304 stainless steel cold-rolled plate punching design, and reinforcement ribs are provided;
4. Filter: G4 is the primary filter and H14 is the high-efficiency filter;
5. Wind speed: After passing through the high-efficiency filter, the outlet wind speed is controlled at 0.38-0.57m/s (tested at 150mm below the high-efficiency outlet air flow plate);
6. Pressure difference function: display filter pressure difference (range high efficiency 0-500Pa/medium efficiency 0-250Pa), accuracy ±5Pa;
7. Control function: fan start/stop button, equipped with built-in electronic door interlock; set the UV lamp, design a separate switch, when the two doors are closed, the UV lamp should be in the on state; set the lighting lamp, design a separate switch ;
8. The high efficiency filter can be disassembled and installed separately from the upper box, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement of the filter;
9. Set up an inspection port at the lower part of the transfer window for the maintenance of the fan;
10. Noise: when the transmission window is operating normally, the noise is less than 65db;
11. High-efficiency air flow sharing plate: 304 stainless steel mesh plate is used.

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