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The machine-made silica purification panel is a new type of fire-resistant panel with the strongest fire resistance in its class (sandwich panel series).

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Using silicon rock as the core material, using galvanized sheet, color-coated sheet, galvanized steel sheet, stainless steel sheet, printed steel sheet and other materials as the surface material (two layers) and high-strength adhesives are heated by a high-speed continuous automatic forming machine, and It is a new generation of building decoration panel made by pressing and compounding, trimming, slotting and blanking. It has the characteristics of heat preservation and heat insulation and convenient installation. It is a new type of fireproof panel with the strongest fire resistance in its class (sandwich panel series).
The machine-made silica rock purification panel is a new type A-level fireproof and thermal insulation color steel plate. The main raw materials of the silica rock panel are silicon dioxide, magnesium oxysulfide and polyphenyl particles. The closed pores are generated in the slurry through high and new technology. Sheet.

Product features and applications

1. Good fire resistance: The fire resistance is up to A2. It is a non-combustible material and has good fire resistance.
2. Long service life and good stability: The heat insulation layer of the fireproof insulation panel has good stability and anti-aging performance, and can be used for the same life as the building.
3. Light texture: its bulk density is between 80-100kg/m3, which can effectively reduce the weight of the building;
4. Good sound insulation performance: The sound insulation performance of the fire insulation panel is 5-8 times that of ordinary partition walls, which can solve the sound insulation problem well.
5. Good environmental performance: non-toxic and harmless, no harmful gas emissions in production, construction and use will cause environmental impact, and will not pollute the widely used in various clean rooms: laboratories, operating rooms, pharmaceutical workshops, electronic workshops, etc.

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