Machine-made rock wool clean room panel

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The machine-made rock wool panel is an excellent thermal insulation material. It has strong thermal insulation performance and has a wide range of uses.

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The main raw material of machine-made rock wool panel is natural ore, and an appropriate amount of binder is added during the production process to make it a compact inorganic thermal insulation material. The part of the water repellent added in it gives the machine-made rock wool panel a special waterproof performance, which can prevent the penetration of water and ensure the performance and service life of the rock wool panel itself. After the machine-made rock wool panel is finished, it is cut into different sizes by the high-speed continuous automatic machine under the external force of the temperature increase and the pressure increase, and is used for the insulation work of the building.

Features of machine-made rock wool panel

1. The machine-made rock wool panel has strong fire resistance and a special Class A fire protection rating, which can protect the personnel and materials inside the building in the event of a fire, effectively prevent the spread and expansion of outdoor fire, and make the building use Better life and safety. This kind of rock wool panel can withstand high temperature environment, even at a high temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius, it will not melt, and will not cause fire hazards.
2. The machine-made rock wool panel has excellent thermal insulation performance. The slender and soft rock wool fiber inside forms a strong material structure, which effectively prevents the heat exchange on both sides of the panel. It not only has a low slag ball content, but also has a low thermal conductivity. Therefore, when the temperature difference between the two sides of the plate is large, the heat exchange is still very small. The excellent heat preservation performance is the main reason for consumers to choose this plate. the reason.
3. In addition to these two properties, the machine-made rock wool panel has its third special property to prevent the expansion of noise. The fiber structure can not only prevent the diffusion of heat, but also prevent the transmission of sound energy. Therefore, it is also an excellent sound-absorbing and noise-reducing material, with a long service life and a wide range of uses.

The use of machine-made rock wool panel

The machine-made rock wool panel is mainly used in some construction industries. It can be used as an insulation material for the surface, outside and roof of the building to prevent the penetration of outside cold air, save energy and resources, and effectively ensure the indoor cooling or heating work. It can also be used in industries that require high temperature, such as the insulation of electricity, ships, vehicles, and air-conditioning pipes. It has a wide range of applications, and consumers can freely choose according to their needs.

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