Machine-made MOS clean room panel

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Magnesium oxysulfide color steel plate not only has the advantages of fireproof, waterproof, pressure resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, non-toxicity and light weight, but also has excellent performance in many aspects such as bright appearance and bright color on the surface.

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The strength of magnesium oxysulfide fireproof panel can be the same as that of magnesium oxychloride panel, and its main application is to produce some light insulation panels. Magnesium oxysulfide panel is a mixture of calcium sulfate or calcium sulfate and calcium phosphate added to the magnesium chloride solution. It can be considered as a change of magnesium oxychloride panel. The incorporation of phosphate is mainly to improve the rheology and water resistance of the cement paste. In addition, magnesium oxide can also be treated with sulfuric acid to produce magnesium oxysulfide panels.

Performance of magnesium oxysulfide fireproof insulation panel

1. The fire resistance reaches A1 level, which is non-combustible. The 50mm color steel sandwich panel has a fire resistance limit of 1 hour.
2. It produces smoke poison AQ2 grade, which is an environmentally friendly product, and will not produce smoke poison and other harmful gases in case of fire.
3. Good fire resistance. The cement foam agricultural production system is integrated into a honeycomb structure, which is effectively waterproof and moisture-proof.
4. Hollow magnesium oxysulfide with a density of 250KG/m³. After being made into a colored steel sandwich panel, the flatness is good, the steel plate and the core material have strong bonding force, the overall strength, bending resistance, and sound insulation effect are good.
5. Environmental protection. Workers will not produce itchy substances when they are making, or when opening holes on site.
6. The size is stable and the production efficiency is high. Not only meet the manual panel size, but also can be directly used for machine-made panels.

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