Full stainless steel clean room door

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Stainless steel clean doors have unique advantages and are widely used in clean room projects.

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The clean room door is made of stainless steel and has unique advantages: it can resist weak corrosive media such as air, steam, and water, and chemical corrosive media such as acid, alkali, and salt. In practice, steel resistant to weak corrosive media is usually called stainless steel, while steel resistant to chemical media is called acid-resistant steel. Because stainless steel materials are flat, safe, strong, beautiful, economical, and resistant to acids and alkalis, they do not have these characteristics in many raw materials. Therefore, it is suitable for dust-proof and anti-corrosion working environment such as laboratory.

Purification stainless steel clean door technology introduction

Using 304 stainless steel plate, through cutting, stamping, electroplating, welding, etc., the door of the required size is produced. Customized according to demand, fine processing, high temperature electroplating, make the stainless steel door beautiful in color, never fade, strong and durable. The surface is processed with flat pressing, fingerprint-free treatment, high-temperature electroplating and coloring, and the door frame is cut seamlessly with a mechanical precision of 45 degrees. It is beautiful and has the functions of moisture-proof and corrosion-proof. The door body has no irritating paint smell, 0 formaldehyde content, environmental protection and safety.

Features of 304 stainless steel door clean door in clean room of purification project

1. Strong air tightness
The stainless steel door is equipped with sealing strips to meet the air tightness requirements of medical institutions, food factories and other places. The airtightness of the steel clean door is better, and there will be no cracks in the door when the door is closed, so that the internal and external air can be blocked to a certain extent. It is beneficial to create a working environment that allows personnel and employees to feel comfortable in temperature and physically and mentally. Effectively avoid the loss of cooling and heating, but also save some cooling and heating costs.
2. Very durable
The 304 stainless steel door clean door has the advantages of wear resistance, moisture resistance, stamping resistance, flame retardant, antibacterial, and antifouling. It can effectively solve the problems that are prone to, bumping, scratching, and deforming in public places or hospitals, and improve the durability of the clean door. The door handle adopts an arc design in structure to effectively prevent impact. Hinges are easier to wear. Stainless steel hinges have a longer service life than ordinary aluminum alloy hinges.
3. Complete accessories
Stainless steel doors can be equipped with door closers, sweeping strips and other accessories according to requirements. Effectively reduce ground friction, make the clean door labor-saving when in use, and automatically close silently after pushing the door open, reducing noise. It is a very suitable choice for medical institutions.

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