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Clean room doors are classified according to their functions: single door and double door, with interlocking door, door with observation window, door with electronic lock for access control, closed door with lifting sealing device, etc.

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A clean door lifting and sealing device, including a device body, is characterized in that the device body includes a shell, and the outer two ends of the shell are each an aluminum alloy sheet; the bottom of the shell is provided with a groove in the middle position, and the groove A sealing rubber pad is installed inside; one side of the shell is provided with a metal plug, and a spring adapted to connect with the metal plug is arranged inside the shell. The new type is installed at the bottom of the metal door and is in contact with the ground, and its sealing rubber pad The structural design of the metal door solves the shortcomings of large gaps after the installation of general metal doors, and effectively isolates dust, bacteria, etc. from the door, ensuring the indoor sterility and high cleanliness requirements. In addition, the rubber pad can also cause friction with the ground. Prevent the metal door from rubbing against the ground.

Fast lifting door is the abbreviation of fast rolling door. It has many functions such as heat preservation, cold preservation, insect proof, wind proof, dust proof, sound insulation, fire prevention, odor proof, and lighting. It is widely used in food, chemistry, textile, electronics, printing, supermarkets, and freezing. , Assembly, precision machinery, logistics, automobiles, cigarettes, warehousing and other industries of air-conditioned workshops and clean plants. This kind of fast rolling door that automatically opens and closes at high speed. In factories, warehouses, shops, etc. that seek strict quality management, high efficiency, and cost-saving, the effective opening and closing of entrances and exits is the most important factor in determining the safety of goods and the efficiency of production and operation. The essential. Fast doors are up to 10 times faster than steel rolling doors, achieving high-speed opening and closing 100 times per hour and high durability. In addition, through the combined use of the opening height adjustment function, the opening time of the entrance and exit is shortened, and the efficiency of the indoor air conditioning is improved. Minimize the influx of foreign matter outside, and improve work efficiency at the same time. In order to achieve a safe, clean and energy-saving working environment, to contribute to improving product quality and saving money.

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